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Eyebrow Threading Los Angeles

Eyebrow Threading in Los Angeles is the latest beauty trend to sweep the city, and for good reason; this trend comes from traditions dating back thousands of years. At Panache Coiffure and family hair salon, you can count on us to put beautiful, natural looking lines and curves on your eyebrows in that way that can only be achieved through threading. In addition to eyebrows, we offer lip, chin, and full face threading in Santa Monica.

If you’re a threading fan, you’re probably particular about shape and thickness, and you’ve probably shopped around for that perfect salon that can use those magic threads to create the perfect eyebrow shapes you’ve always dreamed of. At panache, we thread with a rare kind of skill. We’ll make you look like you were born with perfect shaped eyebrows, plus we’ll give you the kind of smooth lips and chin that won’t damage sensitive skin or leave redness. In short, Panache is your threading paradise.

About threading:

Threading in Los Angeles probably got introduced to the beauty salons and hairdresser shops by Persian immigrants, although no one can be absolutely certain. If you haven’t tried eyebrow threading in Los Angeles before, you’re in for a treat. The beautician will use a looped piece of thread to pinch and quickly pull away lines of hair from wherever hair needs to be removed.

We perform some of the most painless eyebrow threading in Los Angeles as well, for more information, call 310.260.9406 or contact us online.